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Shefa DragonPaw, after saving the world and declaring himself its king, has stuck out to visit every corner of his new kingdom.


His latest adventure takes him to the desert kingdom of Taurean where he has been asked to help with a monster ravaging the land. A fearsome beast, part insect part human, and large as a house! The Lord Archon has tasked him with capturing the ‘Rod of Willing’ so he can control the beast or, failing that, destroy the beast outright. Shefa accepts but quickly discovers he’s been lied to.

By the Hand of Dragons: Scales

After saving the fabled kingdom of WoodsGate from invasion and surviving battle with mountain Giants, War Mages, and the Blood Soldiers of Loria, Shefa has fully accepted his destiny as lord and protector of Fuumashon.

Now he must assemble his army for the coming apocalypse.

Scales is a dark, violent, adult fantasy series replete with epic battles, bold new lands and graphic death scenes.


This series has no heroes and no villains, only conflicting points of view in a world where ‘Hero’ is just the killer on your side.

The Journey So Far


“Prisons are for men, AlinGuard is for monsters.”

To be sentenced here, they must pose a threat no single nation could handle. And now they're on the loose.


Sheath has just learned that he is not a boy, but a Chimera, a weapon created by powerful dragon magic to be the perfect warrior and win a war almost one believes is coming.


Fuumashon is at peace.

But no one smiles beneath the mountain.

The Chimera won their war but at great cost, half the clan will never rise again.

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“You would risk such wrath by stabbing a god in the back for him?”


“I would stab a god in the face for him.”


Coming Soon!

By the Hand of Dragons: Rizel
By the Hand of Dragons: Jeaga
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